Principal's Message

A Message From Our Principal

Hello Piper Community Members, Families and Friends,


Mrs. Amy Lazzeretti and I are the proud administrators of Piper Elementary School.  
We have over thirty years of experience in education and in District 100.  
We would like to welcome you to our school and our Piper family.


We are committed to providing our students with the very best educational experiences.  In Berwyn South District 100, we believe in inspiring a passion for learning for all students.  The Piper School staff strives to have all students recognize their potential and be confident in their ability to grow.  Our mission is to facilitate diverse learning opportunities enabling students to take risks, explore infinite academic possibilities, and achieve personal growth.


Belief Statements:

We believe in creating an environment to develop a growth mindset in each of our students.


We believe that risk taking and learning from our mistakes helps students to develop
a growth mindset.


We believe in creating an environment in which effort makes you thrive.


Thank you for taking the time to partnering with us in your child’s education.  
Please check this website often for updates and do not hesitate to contact us at
any time.  We look forward to working with you this year!



Mrs. Samantha Shuman, Piper Principal

Director of Gifted and Accelerated Learning

PBIS External Coach



Mrs. Amy Lazzeretti, Piper Assistant Principal

Special Education Coordinator  



Samantha Shuman



ext: 4505


Amy Lazzeretti

Assistant Principal


ext: 4520